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Home Depot Data Breach - Update 9/12/2014

On September 8, 2014, Home Depot confirmed a data breach indicating unauthorized access to card information potentially impacting customers who shopped at their U.S. and Canadian stores since April 2014.  At this time, there is no evidence that the breach 1) impacted customers who shopped online at and 2) compromised debit PIN numbers. 

As of today, Community Shores Bank has begun to receive notifiation of potentially affected debit card numbers.  Cardholders will be notified via letter if they are receiving a replacement debit card.  The debit card number will change.  We will monitor the replacement debit cards ordered and, as soon as we can see that the new debit card has been received and activated, the current debit card will be turned off.  Please continue to monitor your accounts daily and inform us of any suspicious debit card activity by calling 888.853.6633 or visiting any one of our branches for assistance. 

Community Shores Bank does monitor your debit card activity with our fraud monitoring system.  In breach situations, our scoring system is enhanced to quickly take action to contact you regarding questionable transactions and potentially freezing your debit card until you confirm whether the transactions are fraudulent.  This system will never ask for your debit card number or your PIN number.  Should you receive an automated call, please follow all prompts to either deny or confirm fraudulent transactions.  The policy of our payment debit card brand Visa provides that you have zero liability for any unauthorized charges if you report them in a timely manner.

Home Depot has posted more information about the breach on their website, including the offer of identity protection services. 









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