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No two businesses are alike. Community Shores Bank recognizes that the financing needs of your business are unique to your situation. Our experienced, professional commercial loan officers take the time to understand your business operations, and will assist you in developing a financing strategy that will address your needs and concerns. With local decision-making and personalized service, you'll be able to manage your company's finances more efficiently.

Financing Solutions:
  • Small Business Lines Of Credit
    • Recommended Uses
      • Support accounts receivable as business grows
      • Purchase inventory when discounts and other market opportunities arise
      • Take advantage of sales discounts on payables
    • Benefits and Features
      • Quick access to funds
      • Interest only accrues on amount advanced
      • Interest only payments
      • Variable interest rate
  • Term Loans
    • Recommended Uses
      • Consolidate high interest debt
      • Finance commercial vehicles, furniture, fixtures, or office equipment
    • Benefits and Features
      • Fixed and variable rate options allow you ultimate flexibility
      • Amount available depends on collateral pledged
      • Fixed monthly payments
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
    • Recommended Uses
      • Acquire new owner occupied and non-owner occupied property
      • Refinance existing property
    • Benefits and Features
      • Financing up to 85% of property value
      • Fixed and variable rates available
  • Letters of Credit
    • Recommended Uses
      • Guarantee performance under a bid, performance, or cash bond
      • Ensure payments to suppliers
      • Helpful when negotiating with overseas trading partners
      • Ideal for new companies with limited credit references
    • Benefits and Features
      • Competitive fees
      • Simple application process
      • Quick decision
  • SBA Loans
    • Recommended Uses
      • Business expansion and/or acquisition
      • Permanent working capital
      • Purchase commercial real estate
      • Equipment purchases
      • Refinance existing debt
    • Benefits and Features
      • Experienced SBA lender on staff to expedite your 504, 7A, or contract loan
      • SBA Loans offer lower down payments and longer amortization than conventional commercial term loans
  • Credit Cards
    • Recommended Uses
      • Travel and entertainment
      • Business purchases and expenses
      • Separate business expenses from personal expenses
      • Great for purchasing everyday supplies
    • Benefits and Features
      • Track expenses with detailed statements
      • Worldwide acceptability
      • Interest only accrues on amount advanced
  • VISA Business disclosure
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